Perpetua Press
Perpetua Press

Perpetua Press

the studio founded by Dana Levy and Tish O'Connor
produced fine illustrated books for museums, university presses, and trade publishers throughout the United States from 1984 to 2016. With the death of Dana Levy, the legacy Perpetua Press added to the time-honored craft of bookmaking is fixed.

In gratitude to the many clients who entrusted important projects, often their life's work, to Perpetua Press, this website includes an (incomplete) archive showcasing many of the exceptional books that we created over three decades. Many works are illustrated in pages for the four major categories of publications, accessed from the Navigation bar above; red tabs on those pages will reveal a more complete list of projects for a specific client.

We also invite you to read three memorials to Dana, among the many tributes that were shared among those who loved him.

A Love Affair, with Books By Tish O'Connor

Dana Levy (1937–2017): An Appreciation By Peter Grilli

A Tribute to Dana Levy, Legenday Designer,
Good Friend, and Half of Perpetua Press
By Thomas Hummel

Perpetua, a serif typeface designed by Eric Gill and issued by the Monotype Corporation between 1929 and 1932, is distinguished by its refinement and readability. It was one of seven English-language fonts available in Tokyo when Dana was honing his skills in typography under the tutelage of Meredith Weatherby at Weatherhill.

We chose Perpetua for the name of our studio for that sentimental reason and because the text written by Beatrice Warde for a sample setting of the new typeface linked it with the highest values of printing.

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